About Our Law Office in Longmont, CO

For over 100 years, the law firm of Schey, Piller, Alspaugh, & Wong, P.C. (formerly, Schey & Schey, P.C.) has served the greater Longmont Community and Northern Colorado. The firm traces its roots to Jacob S. Schey who began his practice in 1907, and was a founding member of the Boulder County Bar Association that same year. Jacob served as City Attorney for Longmont for more than twenty years, and also conducted his private practice in Longmont until his death in 1963. He was considered one of the most skilled irrigation law attorneys in the state at that time. In the mid-1930's, Jacob was joined by his nephew, Theodore "Ted" D. Schey, who continued the tradition of service as City Attorney for twenty more years from 1956 to 1976. Ted worked in private civil practice with the firm until his death in 1996. Jacob and Ted Schey were instrumental in directing the development of Longmont as the town grew over the years.


The firm continues to carry on the tradition of providing a wide range of high-quality legal representation for the Longmont Community and beyond. Areas in which the firm specializes include:
Personal Injury and Wrongful Death, Elder Law, Medicaid Counseling and Planning, Fundamental & Complex Estate Planning and Administration, Wills, Trusts, Charitable Foundations, Corporate Organization, Consulting, Commercial Transactions, Real Estate Development, Water Law, Commercial Real Estate and Construction Litigation. Schey, Piller, Alspaugh, & Wong, P.C. conducts services in all courts including appeals courts.

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